Our Story

In the beginning

In 1990 our founder, Rob Thompson, saw an opportunity to introduce “workplace relations” to Australia’s small businesses. Rob had spent more than 25 years as an HR director in global corporations and he was ready to help small business employers or what he also calls the “salt of the earth Australians”.

At the time Australia’s economy was in the depths of recession and Victoria and NSW were deregulating their labour markets to let employers and employees negotiate directly and opt-out of the traditional Award system for the first time.

Employment Innovations (EI) helped make the first enterprise agreement for a small business in NSW (the Upper Crust Bakery in Collaroy remains a client today). This story featured on page 1 of the Sydney Morning Herald and once news got around Rob, and his small team became very busy indeed. Over the next few years EI worked with hundreds of businesses in dozens of industries all over Australia.

Let there be law

In 2002 Rob’s son, Ben, joined EI to offer employment law services. EI’s legal services now also include litigation, training and migration. Our crack team of solicitors are ready to help clients “lawyer up” against the best of them.

Since 1992, we have helped our clients navigate more than 11 significant reforms to State and Federal employment laws. In 2010 we launched our membership services which put affordable legal support just a phone call away and up-to-date resources at the click of a mouse.

“Why don’t you do it for us?”

We have always insisted that workplace relations is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making a business more efficient, so in 2007 we launched EI’s range of outsourced people management solutions including payroll, labour hire, recruitment and HRIS solutions.

Today hundreds of employers around Australia rely on EI to manage all their people management and payroll needs.

Now that’s a great idea!

In 2008 we started searching for a reward and recognition solution and discovered that the programs in Australia were unaffordable and outdated. We literally stumbled upon Power2Motivate at the World At Work global conference in Florida, USA. Within weeks EI had negotiated a license to bring Power2Motivate to Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia.

Power2Motivate now has over 200,000 active users in Australia and New Zealand. It also operates in over 50 other countries and is available in 11 different languages.

What’s next?

2011 was a busy year for EI, with new offices Melbourne and Perth opening, allowing us to provide a national people management solution.

Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) is to help more 10,000 Australian businesses within 10 years. We are developing innovative ways to make this happen.

We hope that in time whenever any Australian employer thinks about employment, they immediately think EI. So long as we are helping make employment easier for Australian employers, we will be happy doing what we love.