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Welcome to the worst time of the year…

posted by Employment Innovations on April 14th, 2014  Posted in Blog

  If there’s one HR process that draws more heated debate than any other, it’s the performance review. The existing model has a 75-year history, initially serving as a means to justify one’s salary. Much has changed and the general consensus today is that it serves nothing more than a tick and flick exercise of what was, with no direct relationship to strategy and culture. Although important, the once a year, manual performance reviews are often regarded as tedious, time consuming necessities, where value is often questioned. Many managers see performance reviews as nothing more than an empty, bureaucratic exercise… Read More

FWC Slams Down Bullying Order

posted by Employment Innovations on March 28th, 2014  Posted in Blog

The Fair Work Commission has now made its first noteworthy orders under the new bullying jurisdiction introduced in January, imposing a range of obligations on an alleged “bully” worker regulating their future interaction with their colleague who raised the complaint.  The orders include prohibiting the worker from commenting about the clothing and appearance of their colleague, and requiring the worker to finish any exercise activities at the employer’s premises before 8:00 am. The new laws allow workers to make an application to the Commission if they are bullied at work, and the Commission is empowered to make any order it… Read More

What’s Your Workplace Dress Code?

posted by Employment Innovations on March 17th, 2014  Posted in Blog

Freshly dry cleaned blazers, ironed shirts, delicately tied ties, slick stockings, finely groomed hair and high heels prancing around the office are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Business attire has come a long way in the last few years with a shift away from the conservative business suit. It wasn’t long ago that wearing a pink shirt or bright tie seemed like a career risk; now, it’s just another compliment you can chuck into your small talk with a colleague. Gone are the days of wearing your blazer and tie on all occasions, including out to lunch. At… Read More

Join the Gender Equality Shift

posted by Employment Innovations on March 3rd, 2014  Posted in Blog

While Australia’s economy and high standard of living makes it one of the best places to live, our gender equality index calculated by the World Economic Forum has declined. Iceland is topping the list for the country with the smallest gender gap, the Philippines placing in the top 5 with New Zealand in 7th place. Australia is lagging behind, coming in at number 24. Although there are already gender equality measures that businesses of a particular size must abide by, one of the principal objects of the new Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 is to promote and improve gender equality… Read More

Crazy Like Jim Carey or Caustic Like Andrew Dice Clay?

posted by Employment Innovations on February 17th, 2014  Posted in Blog

Have you ever found yourself in an awkward situation after delivering a joke that a work colleague(s) just didn’t find funny? To make matters worse, were you also stuck in the lift, kitchen or meeting room with them, leaving you no escape? Humour plays an immense role in team dynamics. Clever managers understand what to look for when it comes to hiring a good fit for their team. Some companies have even adopted personality tests to reach an understanding of their candidates temperaments and interaction habits. Understanding your employees’ motivations, ambitions and humour can help you predict their ability to… Read More