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Noodle Box Pick Up Award for e-Learning Platform – Noodle U

posted by Employment Innovations on August 13th, 2014  Posted in Blog

Congratulations to Noodle Box for the recent e-Learning Innovation Award. The team at Employment Innovations (EI) would like to congratulate our awarding winning client – Noodle Box for picking up the e-Learning Innovation Award by the National Retailer Association (NRA). Noodle-U is an innovative, user-driven and gamification-styled e-learning and communication platform introduced to the team members and franchise partners in 2013. Since the launch of the new e-learning platform, Noodle Box Mystery Shopping results have hit the highest score ever recorded. Employment Innovations (EI) celebrates innovative industry solutions such as this (as our name implies) that make our client’s businesses… Read More

The Leadership Leap – Foster Talent and Develop Emerging Leaders

posted by Shane Duffy on August 12th, 2014  Posted in Blog

  Are the next generation of leaders equipped with the right skills and qualities to confidently handle the unique challenges of the future workplace? A new report (“Leadership Qualities: How Emerging Leaders Differ From The Crowd”) by Hudson has revealed some insights at odds with popular belief in this area. The report followed a survey of over 100 emerging leaders in Australian businesses and compared them to established leaders – those of whom they are intended to succeed in the next 5 years. Surprisingly, what this highlighted was a tendency for emerging leaders to be averse to change and have… Read More

Protecting Your Franchise Brand – What Can We Learn From Recent Legal Investigations

posted by Shane Duffy on August 12th, 2014  Posted in Blog

  In the past month two well-known brands have been dragged through damaging claims of underpaid worker entitlements and unlawful actions against employees. In the first one, Italian restaurant chain La Porchetta was forced to intervene after two of its franchises were found to have paid workers in pizza and soft drink. The Fair Work Ombudsman found that 111 employees had been underpaid a total of $258,000 between 2009 and 2012 when they worked at La Porchetta franchise outlets. The second case implicated the Gloria Jean’s brand after one of their franchises unlawfully terminated the employment of a worker who… Read More

Measure What Matters | HR Blog

posted by Shane Duffy on July 9th, 2014  Posted in Blog

  “The average human has one breast and one testicle” – Des McHale This cheeky quote sums up the value of data when data means everything without insight. Big data is everywhere – but too much data, with too little insight, results in little impact. Research is now showing us that the “big data” trend is struggling to demonstrate a return on investment for this very reason. Smart data Data-driven decision-making is showcased in business functions such as finance (naturally), marketing, sales and customer service – and technology is taking this craft to a whole new level. At a very… Read More

Legal comment: Directing Employees to Attend Medical Assessments

posted by Peter Ferraro on July 9th, 2014  Posted in Blog

  Is a direction for further medical assessment lawful and reasonable? A recent appeal decision by the Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission re-emphasises the rights of employers to direct their workers to attend medical appointments to determine their fitness for work, while highlighting the more straightforward path for doing so when employers have well drafted employment contracts in place. The case (Darrin Grant v BHP Coal Pty Ltd [2014] FWCFB 3027) involved an appeal by the employee, a boilermaker in BHP’s Peak Downs Mine, against a finding by the Commissioner at first instance that he had not been… Read More