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Is Teleworking Productive Working?

posted by Employment Innovations on November 25th, 2013  Posted in Blog

Teleworking has been slowly emerging in businesses as a respected concept to describe working from home. Recent advances in technology mean that employees can be just as productive, if not more when working remotely. With quieter working environments, fewer distractions, less commuting time, and more efficient meetings, teleworking is becoming extremely advantageous. For employers, teleworking is a simple, cost effective way to improve productivity whilst giving employees flexibility and an improved work-life balance, in-turn reducing staff absenteeism and turnover. A case study on a UK business showed that absenteeism reduced by 63 per cent among teleworkers.  Employers should also expect… Read More

BEWARE: Office Christmas Party

posted by Employment Innovations on November 21st, 2013  Posted in Blog

Christmas is just around the corner and no doubt your office Christmas party has already been planned and booked into the corporate calendar. Employees are starting to get excited, research conducted last year found that 11% of outfits are planned six weeks in advance. On average, women take 12 hours to pick an office party dress – longer than the party itself! So why is the office christmas party such an important time of the year? Corporate Christmas parties are usually organised by the HR department to boost employee morale, reward staff and improve employee relationships throughout the different company… Read More

New Bullying Jurisdiction

posted by Employment Innovations on November 19th, 2013  Posted in Blog

The Fair Work Commission’s (FWC) new bullying jurisdiction will commence on 1 January 2014. How will it work? Employees will be able to apply to the FWC for “Stop Bullying” orders. The FWC must take steps to deal with the application within 14 days of lodgment. Employers must ensure that they are prepared to respond very promptly to applications brought by employees. Estimates are that up to 3500 bullying applications are expected in 2014. Are you ready? Have you reviewed your bullying policy in light of the changes? Do you have an up to date grievance procedure to deal with… Read More

Sex Compo Case Rejected by High Court

posted by Employment Innovations on October 31st, 2013  Posted in Blog

Six years later, public servant’s workers compensation case gets knocked back. Employers will be relieved that common sense does prevail. A woman who was sent to regional NSW on a two day work trip in November 2007, was injured in the evening during sex when a glass light fitting came loose from above the bed. The injuries to her nose and face resulted in the woman experiencing extreme depression and anxiety to the point where she could no longer work. The Federal Court found that it was inconsequential what activity the worker was engaging in, particularly as to whether it… Read More

Are You Mates with the Guy Sitting Next to You?

posted by Employment Innovations on October 18th, 2013  Posted in Blog

Having a good work life balance is becoming more of a challenge with employees being confined to the office for over 40 hours a week. For some this has meant that hanging out with colleagues during lunch breaks or grabbing the occasional beer after work together to wind down, has become the norm. Do friendships in the workplace create a harmonious environment or a destructive one? Traditionalists would argue that friends have no place in the office environment for a number of reasons, including: blurred decision making distractions and inappropriate behaviour diminishing ability to act in the best interest of… Read More