Performance Management

Whether you employ fewer than ten or more than a thousand employees, it’s vital that everyone is working together towards clear, well-formed and fully understood goals.

We can help you manage your employees’ performance, and can provide comprehensive advice and guidance should it become necessary to terminate an employee.

Under the Fair Work Act 2009, significant changes have been made to unfair dismissal provisions and employees’ rights to bring claims:

  • Unlawful dismissal: to avoid costly and unnecessary unlawful dismissal/termination claims, we can ensure that you manage employee terminations effectively. Good advice on how to proceed before you take action is essential, and can save you the cost and distress of defending a claim.
  • Adverse action: new adverse action provisions in the Fair Work Act can prevent action being taken against an employee because the employee has or has not exercised a workplace right. Understanding how adverse action affects the process of termination is vital to avoid problems.
  • Redundancies: to ensure that a redundancy does not result in a claim for unfair dismissal, it is important to understand the provisions for redundancy under the National Employment Standards (NES) prior to taking action.

EI can provide advice and support to help you avoid such workplace claims and, if necessary, can represent you before a tribunal or court.

If you are considering terminating an employee, talk to us first via email or on (02) 8030 8888