Recruitment & Induction

Advertising for, interviewing, employing and inducting new staff can be an administrative nightmare, especially if you don’t have your own HR department.

Employment Innovations’ (EI) comprehensive recruitment services can either take care of the whole process (outsourcing), or provide the elements that would be more efficiently and cost-effectively handled by our HR and legal experts. Additionally, if you are considering hiring a skilled worker from overseas, we can assist with sponsorship and visa applications.

EI offers recruitment services through an online e-Recruitment platform, which can streamline any or all of the following steps in the recruitment process:

  • Placing Job Ads on at a reduced cost;
  • Tapping into social media such as Facebook and Twitter;
  • Posting and linking ads to your website;
  • Talent Pooling;
  • Application Forms that can generate a score or automatically cull unsuitable applicants;
  • Automatic replies to both successful and unsuccessful applicants;

Furthermore we have experienced staff who are available to assist in any of the following aspects of recruitment:

  • Project Recruitment
  • Applicant Culling
  • Phone Screening
  • Interviewing
  • Reference Checking
  • Offers of Employment

As the system is web-based it allows you access to all of your applications, customiseable control of all stages of the recruitment process and can be set-up with workflows to match your business needs

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EI’s other recruitment & induction services include:

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