Refresher on the Fair Work Act

More than two years on from the introduction of the Fair Work Act 2009 we now have a somewhat clearer understanding of the main provisions of the Act.

Decisions handed down over this period by both individual Members and the Full Bench have helped interpret the application of the key components of the Act.

With the Act subject to review, now is a good time to revisit any strategies adopted with the introduction of the Act and to consider whether changes to be made.

This session will cover:

  • The National Employment Standards – key provisions and their interpretation in case law
  • Unfair dismissal and recent case law
  • Adverse actions and recent case law
  • Modern Awards – how and when they apply and the transitioning process
  • Enterprise Agreement making, bargaining and the BOOT
  • Fair Work Act Compliance

Who should attend?

  • HR professionals
  • Business owners
  • Line managers and supervisors

Session format

  • Individual & Group Exercises
  • Toolkit

Session Duration

  • Half Day